Writer, photographer, "rapper" and general technophobe takes on the internet in what could be a very, very messy fight. But it's alright: she's harder than she looks, and she's wearing every single ring she could get her hands on.


About TWG

Holly Miranda Smale is a writer, teacher and ex-PR Girl from a place in England that you won't have heard of unless you read the back of packets of Shredded Wheat, and has never been referred to as "the love child of Anne of Green Gables and Adrian Mole" in her entire life. She graduated from Bristol University with an MA in Shakespeare without quite knowing why or how, and has lots of experience "blowing about in the breeze with no shoes on and flowers in her hair, or whatever it is she does these days while everybody gets on with real jobs."

Over the past thirty-one years, Holly has wanted to be: a ballerina, a starving poet, an airplane pilot, Claire Danes, a sculptor, a scientist, a spaceman, a journalist and an internationally best-selling author. She has been: a courgette packer, a dinner lady, a cleaner, a (very bad) fashion model, a PR executive, a receptionist, and a door-to-door salesman. Holly has improbably high hopes that one day something on these two lists will match. 

However - until or unless this happens - Holly Miranda Smale fully intends to continue "gadding around the world as if she knows what she's doing," and can only hope that one day - when further gadding becomes impossible - her younger sister will convert the shed so that she can wrap herself in a blanket and live in it during the winter months.