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Friday, 29 May 2009


I received an email today from one of my closest friends. Her boyfriend is involved in a new tv programme idea, where people dress up in large animal costumes and then date each other.

What do you think? she wrote.

I scrolled down, and somewhere in the chain of emails was one from her boyfriend. Thought of Holly for this straight away, he had written. Will you ask her?

I have never actually met her boyfriend, so I can only imagine exactly what my friend tells him over dinner.

I'm not going to do it. It sounds great fun and fantastic viewing, but frankly - with the BBC documentary due out in July - I think I've made a tit of myself in front of the nation quite enough for 2009 already. Perhaps if it comes around again in 2010, I might have no shame again.

It still raises an uncomfortable realisation, however: my friends now see me as the kind of girl who would go on televised dates in a massive, fluffy hamster costume.

Awesome. Who says I've wasted the last year? 

Just look at the reputation I've gone and got myself.