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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Mini Breaks

Ben - one of the four of us Brits - has won The Best Job In The World! (I hate using exclamation marks in writing, but I think this warrants one.) 

First thought was congratulatory (he's a lovely guy), but the second thought - which came hot on the heels of the unselfish first thought - was: score! All four Brits agreed that if one of us won, we'd pay to fly the other three out for two weeks as a consolation prize. Now, I don't know the legalities of these things, but if a verbal contract is filmed by the BBC, does that make it legally binding?

I'm getting my bikini out, just in case. One doesn't want to be caught unawares, should one suddenly be presented with the holiday of a lifetime out of a reluctant sense of moral obligation. And if he doesn't come through, I'll be forced to speak to The Daily Express about it. Best Job Boy Robbed Me Of My Totally Unearned and Undeserved Mini Break, I shall pitch the story as. They'll love it. I'll let them take a picture of me, overturning a Monopoly Board or something. 

Well done, Benny Boy. You deserve every minute of it, holiday or no holiday.