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Sunday, 30 May 2010


Bloody blogs.

I got a response, which must have been what I secretly wanted, even though I thought I had blocked Him in every way possible. And sometimes, frankly, being right is far more painful than being wrong ever could be.

With an eloquence that I can only ever try and match, he simply said:

Love is torture, women are poisonous.

And I don't love her either.

Be good.


Succinct, to the point, brutal, honest; slightly like an extremely painful modern poem, in fact, and better than most of the things I write. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be 'good' about, but it's nice that he's looking out for my moral welfare.

It doesn't make me love him less, obviously - or it wouldn't be love - but it's going to make never ever talking about him again in public a hell of a lot easier.

I might be a fool, and I might well be poisonous, but I think I'll be a poisonous fool in private from now on.