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Thursday, 2 April 2009


On the final night before I find out the results for TBJITW, there are a lot of people I should thank for getting as far as I have done. It's only polite, really: without them, I would not have been able to experience the last few weeks at all. (And, when people started moaning about the voting process, these were the people I gently aimed them towards. "Their fault," I said, shaking my head sadly. "Blame them.") 

So, thanks to: my friend Claire, who put up with me shouting "No! I have to be in the bottom left corner. Bottom left" every couple of minutes; my grandma, for shooting the pool scene (it wasn't, as Hertbeat FM suggested, "clearly a hot man"); my dad, for getting his jeans dirty because I demanded that he knelt in a puddle for the sake of art; Tom, who filmed the beer scene, ad-hoc, even though he had only  just met me and wasn't quite sure what I was aiming at ("is this supposed to rhyme or something?"). 

All of these people grinned, put up with my bossiness and - amazingly - at no stage in the last four weeks said: "I'm going to get money out of this, right?" So, thankyou, all four.

Having watched the film again (it plays in my head, sometimes), I have also realised - however -that I have been missing a massive thankyou. A note of gratitude that should have gone out long before now. 

New Order: without you, I would not be in the top 50 at all. It is impossible to listen to Ceremony without feeling lighter and better; using it as my backing track - and therefore imbibing my video with one of the coolest, happiest, most enigmatic songs that has ever been written - meant that, I think, a little bit of it rubbed off on me. I am in no doubt at all that my video stood out from 36,000 because of it: you can't hear the track and not smile or want to dance. Even better, at no stage in the last four weeks have you tried to sue me or get the music removed, and for that I will be forever grateful. 

So, to the friends and family who helped me: thankyou for your time, your vision and your never-ending patience with me. And to New Order: thankyou for the music.