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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Why do all my clothes smell?

1am: Just completed a six hour round-trip for the sake of one and a half minutes on air. It probably wasn't the most efficient use of 12 hours, admittedly, but I figured it would probably be the only time I would ever get to go on BBC News Live* and I should grab the opportunity with both hands. Obviously, I'm so tired now - after two weeks of back-to-back media relations - that I almost dropped said opportunity with a completely girly lack of coordination and was very nearly late. As a result, I had to go on air without any make-up on. Luckily, the guy who was interviewing me made up for it: every time he breathed he sprayed me with foundation.

Tomorrow, I think, I shall make up for yesterday's dramatic lack of sensibilities by tidying my bedroom. That way, if I ever do need to go on air again, I shall at least be able to find some clean clothes to do it in.

* for a positive thing. Bank robbery doesn't count, does it?