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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Why gambling is illegal everywhere but the UK

Still need to tidy bedroom, and need to stop blogging. This is why I haven't had one before: obsessive compulsive personality, a furious passion for writing and a blog site doth not a good combination make.

Sarah (other Brit girl candidate) and I have just come to a conclusion, via text:

For the sake of £70,000 and an island, we have potentially gambled our lives away. Our friends are sick of us, the public will hate us (when the BBC thing comes out), everyone now knows that we are unemployed, single, broke and directionless, our overdrafts are spent, our secrets are public, and we will be - ultimately - unemployable when this is all over. That's a hefty price to pay for a long shot at a job we probably won't get. So we've decided: a) buy large bottle of rum when announcements are made and find a dark room b) buy two fake moustaches, a shack in South America and two passports under the names of 'Sven' and 'Gloria'.

Then we can apply for South American Big Brother and do it all over again.