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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Oh, and...

Radio Talk Sport went brilliantly. Brilliantly. I love radio. I always suspected that I would, but I couldn't get any work experience to find out (too old, too poor to commute, too un-trained). And now... hey, I might just look into doing more when this is all over.

(They read my name out on air, and now I have a number of Facebook enquiries from young lads who want to know a) if they can come to 'my island' b) whether I can pay for them as well. Amazing how attractive the prospect of £70,000 and a 5mile square bit of sand on the Great Barrier Reef can make you.) 

Plus, the producer is cute. Which helps. (It didn't, actually: it just made me turn red that little bit quicker. But it was okay, because there was a big sheet of thick glass between us. I felt like a penguin.)