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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Keeping it in the family Part Three

"If you want to write about something other than yourself," my sister said a few minutes ago, "write about me. My iPod is behaving like my boyfriend: it either fails to work at all, or it's too loud, or it teases me by pretending it's working and then turning off all of a sudden. Do you think it's because I dropped it down the toilet?"
"Your boyfriend?"
"No, but do you think that would help if I tried dropping him in there too?"
"Is he going to fit?"
"He will if I chop him into tiny pieces first."
"You're going to need to get one of those toilet un-blockers, because I reckon he's not water soluble."
"Good idea. I'll pick one up from Sainsburys on my way back from Uni. Now, bugger off and go and write something about me. I want a bit of this fame too, you know. Mum and dad and the cat have got some, so give me some love too."

Done, Tara. Done.